Track Rules

Coral Springs RC Track Rules

Class Rules and Specifications

Safety is our first priority, if you see something you think is unsafe, please report it to a Track Officer.

  • A Current R.O.A.R Membership is required to practice, race and turn-marshal at the Coral Springs RC Track, (must be shown when signing-in).
  • All Racers MUST BE signed-in before accessing the driver’s stand. NO EXCEPTIONS!
  • Only drivers running their car, are allowed on any area of the driver’s stand.
  • All Qualifiers will be five (5) Minutes in length for Club Races.
  • Lower Mains (B, C, D…) will be five (5) Minutes in length for Club Races.
  • A Mains will be five (5) Minutes in length except for E Buggy ten (10) Minutes and Nitro fifteen (15) Minutes for Club Races.
  • Only closed toe shoes are permitted on the track. No sandals or flip-flops allowed on the track.
  • No children under the age of 12 years old are permitted to turn-marshal on the track.
  • No reserving nor holding tables for others. It’s a first come first serve policy.
  • There will be a two (2)-minute grace period between heats. All racers must immediately put their cars and radios down and get into a turn marshal position within one (1) minute. If you are running back-to-back you must have your marshal designate notify the race announcer and get into position within this time period. Any racer will be allowed a one (1)-minute delay once per round. There can only be one delay per heat. The penalty for not adhering to the rules will be the subtraction of one (1) lap per offence in the mains.
  • Distractions and coaching are prohibited during race events. You will get ONE warning, then you will be removed throughout the duration of the event.
  • If your car breaks during a race/qualifier please stop running and get it after the heat. This can become a hazard for current racers as well as impact the outcome of the race. The marshal’s responsibility is to marshal, not repair cars during a race.
  • All back-to-back multiple class racers MUST HAVE a turn-marshal designated and declared to the race official before the round starts or will sacrifice the heat to marshal.
  • I’m all Coral Springs RC Track promoted series and/or events, the racer must run or partially-run in at least one (1) qualifier per class they wish to compete in. Walk-on “Mains Only” racing is not permitted.
  • No littering, please clean-up after yourself as well as any trash in your immediate area.

No Tolerance Policy!

There will be no fighting, alcohol or illegal drug use tolerated. No use of foul language, trash talking, arguing with track officers and fellow competitors. No unsportsmanlike conduct, yelling at turn-marshals or cheating. If anyone is caught conducting any of the above mentioned, or is associated with these activities, you will be asked to leave the premises immediately. You will also forfeit your entry fee.

Please, have the right attitude. This is a hobby and supposed to be FUN! No cursing or temper tantrums. We are a family friendly track.

The Coral Springs RC Track and it’s officials have reserved the right to amend, modify and/or change any of the rules, terms and/or conditions at any time without prior notice. By participating in our event(s)/practices you are adhering to these terms.