Off Road Racing


Welcome to the Coral Springs Track Off Road Racing Page! Here you’ll get Off Road practice and racing information as well as Off Road Race Results. We race every other Sunday, “weather permitting”. Click Here to get the our current and near future practice and racing schedule.

Rules For Off Road Racing

On Race Days
Gates open for all scheduled racing at 8am, this is the time for racers to setup and the track  staff to prepare the track surface so we can have the best racing conditions as possible. Starting practice on race days may vary by track conditions. Only checked in and paid racers may practice. Do not put your car down until you have signed-up. Once we have conditioned the track we will announce the opening of sign-up and when practice may start. This will be the time for the racers to check and make adjustments to the tracks particular conditions. We run two (2) rounds of five (5) minute qualifiers before the Mains. The lower mains (B, C, D…) are all five Minutes as well as most of the the A Mains. The E Buggy A Main is ten (10) minutes and the Nitro A Main is fifteen (15) minutes.

Race Day Sign-up usually start around 8:30am and goes until 9:30am. Please try to get signed up as soon as possible. This will help us in setting up heats and starting the races on time. If possible, bring exact change this will help us move the sign-up process along more swiftly. Every racer must have their R.O.A.R. card out and transponder numbers available (in a legible form) just in case you’re not or no longer in our system. The race fees are $15.00 for the first class and $5.00 for each additional. You must make sure you have a designated turn marshal if you run back-to-back heats. We reserve the right to call you off the drivers stand (without refund) to marshal if we can not find a replacement. Please visit Track Rules for the detailed set of rules. They are set up to make this a safe, fun and exciting experience.

Race Classes
We race 1/10 and 1/8 scale classes with a minimum seven of (7) entries per class.
Stock Buggy (17.5 Blinky)
Modified Buggy
Pro 4 Modified Short Course Truck
Modified Truck
13.5 4WD Buggy
4wd Modified Buggy
Nitro Buggy
We will add any other class as long as there are seven (7) entries running.

Rained Outs and Make-Up Races
The Summer is our rainy season and to help the South Florida RC Community better understand our decision process for planning, postponing and canceling our race and/or practice programs. The Coral Springs RC Track has an official website and this is the only place to get the official schedule, stats, detailed race results and all other information. Here is where the official schedule ( posted.

No matter what the forecast is, unless dangerous weather and warnings are imminent, we will physically go to the track and check it’s condition. We consider the track’s condition, several forecasts and area radars. If it looks like we can open, we will do whatever work on the track and open as soon as we can. If we cancel the practice or race, we will first post it on our ( which automatically posts to our twitter account ( and webpage. While we appreciate other RC Community Facebook pages and sites. If you only use them to make your plans, you may miss out on the practice/race.

Make-up races, are one of the first procedures we looking into a few years back. If a race gets rained out, we have a make-up race the next Sunday and go back on the normal schedule the following week. The tough thing about living in South Florida during this time of year is it rains a lot. We have all seen it rain on one side of the street but not the other. Many people look out their door and decide they either don’t want to deal with it or get their cars dirty. We completely understand and wish we could stay home too but we have made a commitment to the track and the program. If we can race, we do. If you ever want to know if we are racing, please look at our website and schedule, get connected with the apps we use and you’ll know it as soon as we do. Once the practice or race starts we rarely send out any cancel information.