Off Road Racing Rules

Class Rules & Specifications

By signing up to race at the Coral Springs RC Track, you are agreeing to these terms.

  1. R.O.A.R. Membership is mandatory No Exceptions. Everyone must have a current card or proof of membership by email or smartphone ready for inspection at sign-up.
  2. The transponder(s) you will be racing with checked in at sign-up. We will no longer check in transponders at the start of Qualifiers or Mains. If you change your transponder(s) during the race day, you must report it to Timing and Scoring so we will adjust it in our system otherwise you will forfeit the heat.
  3. There will be no grace periods during qualifiers. Please make sure your batteries and cars are ready well before your heats begin.
  4. There will be only two (2) minutes between each qualifier. Once you finish the heat, drop your car and radio off at the tables behind the ramp (where the blowers are) or on the wooden table (where tires are cleaned). Do not try to go back to your pit area. If you are not in your marshaling position at the start of the next heat you will be penalized one (1) lap in the Main of the class you just completed.
  5. If a racer has a marshal designate, it is the racers responsibility to have them check into Timing and Scoring prier to that heat, every time they marshal for the racer. If this does not occur, the racer will be penalized one (1) lap in the Main of the class he/she just completed
  6. If a racer is not ready or has changed their transponder without checking it in to Timing and Scoring, they will forfeit that Qualifier or Main.
  7. We will clear, maintain and blow the track on an “as needed” basis. Our general formula is to get through a full round of qualifiers before any maintenance on the track. Sometimes this is not possible and if necessary we’ll complete the class prior to the maintenance. As for the Main’s we’ll do a maintenance at the beginning of each set of Semi-Featured Mains (“B”, “C”, “D”…) or as needed. Once we reach the Featured Mains “A” this will be done solely on an as needed bases.
  8. Racers, please make sure you have someone to marshal for you if you are running back to back during the Mains. You are responsible for ensuring your marshal position is covered. If not, you will be called off the drivers stand to fulfill your obligation. No grace periods to find marshals allowed.
  9. There will only be a one (1) minute grace period allowed for each Main upon request. Once that minute is up, the race will commence.
  10. Please act accordingly while racing on the drivers stand, turn marshaling or socializing throughout the track. Any unacceptable behavior will not be tolerated and may be punishable by expulsion.

As the Coral Springs RC Track becomes successful and entry numbers increase, we all have the responsibility making sure everyone from the first qualifier to the last main has an opportunity to race. While I know many of you will need to adjust and some may become frustrated. Please remember, we all must make sacrifices and evolve with the track.

The Coral Springs R. C. Track and it’s officials reserve the right to amend, modify and/or change any of the terms and conditions at any time and without prior notice.
By participation you are adhering to these terms.