April 24th, 25th & 26th– Weekend Schedule

      • Friday – Warm-Up Race TriCounty Hobbies | Sign Up 6 pm | Racing Starts 8 pm
      • Saturday – *Practice 10 am – 3 pm
      • Sunday – Coral Springs RC Track – CLOSED
      • Race 2 – TRI-TRACK SPRING RUSH – TriCounty Hobby Shop & Raceway – Store Opens 8 am | Racing Starts 10 am | 1st Entry $20 Each Additional $10 Track Rules – Mandatory – Slick Tires, Chassis Protectors & SXT 3.0 Sauce Only

*Must Have R.O.A.R. Membership | Practice Fee $5




The TRI-TRACK SPRING RUSH will be a combination of two series held at three tracks. Coral Springs RC Track, TriCounty Hobby Shop & Raceway and Broward Country RC Speedway (Mills Pond).  All 1/10 scale cars will be part of the nine (9) race series and will be allowed three (3) drops “one per track“. The 1/8 and Nitro cars will have have a six (6) race series and will be allowed two (2) drops “one per track”. To run and qualify for awards, there must be a minimum of seven (7) cars to make a class. This will be a grueling nine (9) consecutive week series due to weather possibilities. There are a few events that are in conflict with our scheduled. We will be looking into this and could possibly shift a few races. We will start the series on April 19, 2015 at Coral Springs. Please stay informed as to race times and schedule altercations.

Race Schedule

  • Race 2 April 26, 2015 – TriCounty Hobbies Store Opens 8 am Racing Starts 10 am
  • Race 3 May 2, 2015 – Mills Pond Gates Open 10 am Racing Starts 1 pm
  • Race 4 May 10, 2015 – TriCounty Hobbies Store Opens 8 am Racing Starts 10 am
  • Race 5 May 17, 2015 – Coral Springs Gates Open 8 am Racing Starts 10 am
  • Race 6 May 23, 2015 – Mills Pond Gates Open 10 am Racing Starts 1 pm
  • Race 7 May 31, 2015 – Coral Springs Gates Open 8 am Racing Starts 10 am
  • Race 8 June 7, 2015 – TriCounty Hobbies Store Opens 8 am Racing Starts 10 am
  • Race 9 June 13, 2015 – Mills Pond Gates Open 10 am Racing Starts 1 pm

April 19, 2015 – Race 1

The first race of this nine race series was held at the Coral Springs RC Track and it quickly became an instant classic. After a night of heavy rains the track was covered in puddles, but as always, the seasoned  track crew led by Patrick and Pak worked until it was in ready to run condition. Jared and Daniel joined in with the help of some racers, once again they all did the impossible and we only started an hour and a half late. Their combined effort made the over one hundred entries happy to start practice around 9:45 am. 

Round one began at 11:30 am with a surprisingly fast drying track. The classes were 2WD Stock Buggy, 2WD Modified Buggy, Modified Stadium Truck, Modified 4WD Buggy. Pro 4 Modified SCT, E Buggy, Nitro Sportsman and Nitro Pro. We breezed through this thirteen heat round and started round two with a nice well defined blue groove by 2:30 pm. As the track and traction improved so did the times. When everything was run and done, the races who TQed got their points and the mains were set.

The mains started around 2:30 pm after a routine track maintenance where we actually had to add water. With two lower main racers getting bumped up the tension could be felt in the air. Staring with the E Buggy “C” main with only five racers and three early DNF’s, this race became an impromptu survival main. Next the “B” mains began with 2 WD Stock, Modified Stadium Truck, Modified 4WD Buggy. Pro 4 Modified SCT and  E Buggy and went through without a hitch. Every first and second bumped up and we were set for the Featured Races. The “A” mains racer orders basically stayed as they entered with the exception of some bump-up’s earning extra points and a few TQ’s dropping to second. All-in all, with as fast and tight as Race 1 of the TRI-TRACK SPRING RUSH went in the books.

Race 2 will be at TriCounty Hobby Shop & Raceway on April 26, 2015 at 8 am (10 am Start) and Race 3 will be at Broward County RC Speedway (Mills Pond) on May 2, 2015 at 10 am (1 pm Start). A special thanks to all of our sponsors TriCounty Hobbies, JConcepts, Boca Bearings, Lead Finger Racing LFP, Maxy’s Fuel & Cinco BT, Gens Ace, Tekno RC, Exotek Racing, Venom, AKA, Atomik RC, Speed Demon Hobbies and Big Boss Beef. With out these great companies, none of these events would be possible. 

Series Rules

  1. Please read the disclaimer below…
  2. Please make sure you have the correct transponders during registration. We will not check in during qualifiers or mains.
  3. We are planning on running the two (2) minute timer between qualifying heats with no grace periods.
  4. The mains will be on a three (3) minute timer and there will be only a one (1), one minute grace period per main allowed.
  5. After each heat, all racers must either marshal or have someone predetermined to take their place. This is your responsibility.
  6. We may “tech” the cars at any time. If for some reason a racer misses tech, he/she will be disqualified from the day’s race with no refunds.
  7. At no time will drivers be allowed to switch or be substituted. Both drivers will be disqualified from the day’s race with no refunds.
  8. Please remember to be courteous to your fellow racers and turn marshals. As well as marshal’s do not watch the race and cover your areas. Tempers do flare and it is understandable; however, unruly behavior will be severely dealt with by the Track and Series Officials.
  9. Each racer is responsible for their own equipment and are responsible in making sure it is working properly. Equipment malfunction may result in disqualification. 
  10. The race fees will be $20 for the first class and $10 each additional.
  11. Additional rules will be announced shortly.

The TRI-TRACK SPRING RUSH and it’s officials have reserved the right to amend, modify and/or change any of the terms and conditions at any time without prior notice. By participating in our event(s) you are adhering to these terms

csrctrack_002smWelcome to the Coral Springs R.C. Track. We hope you come on out and enjoy our facility. Bring your kids and have a great time. We will be open every Saturday for practice pending scheduled race days, events and/or weather conditions. Gates open by 10 am and depending upon track conditions we’ll start running at 10am until 3pm. Get current track status updates by checking out our tweets on the right sidebar, or follow us on Twitter @CSRCTrack. Off-Road club races will be held every other Sunday, gates will be opened at 8am and racing will start at 10am. Club races will be a combination of two qualifiers, Semi-Featured and Featured Mains. Each of the qualifiers and mains will last from five (5) to ten (10) minutes depending on the Race Director’s discretion. All Racers must be a member and carry a R.O.A.R. membership card to participate. You can obtain a membership by filling out a R.O.A.R Membership Application. R.O.A.R. membership includes: $1,000,000 Liability Insurance protection, $10,000 Accident Medical Insurance, Membership card for R.O.A.R. events and a Complete R.O.A.R. Rulebook. The Coral Springs RC Track is a R.O.A.R. Sanctioned track which includes: ROAR Affiliation Certificate and number 2105 for the current calendar year, $1,000,000 Liability Insurance coverage for R.O.A.R. members ($2,000,000 aggregate), and Site Insurance for the city of Coral Springs, FL.

Information & Scheduling Please “click” on the Calender tab on the top menu to view all scheduling information, look over at our “Latest Tweets” section to the right or for up-to-the-minute information “follow us” on twitter @CSRCTrack.

Off Road Track
Coral Springs RC Track Current Layout

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